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Guymark has been producing audio and visual presentations for business and industry for over 50 years. A family owned and operated business, Guymark was formally Sleeping Giant Films, established in 1950. Two brothers, Guy and Mark Guarino worked for the company, owned by their father and his business partner and later bought it when their father retired. With over 38 years in the business Guy and Mark are well established in the field of video and audio production. Please take the time to browse our website to see, not only the different services provided but, how Guymark can be of service to you.

Classic Title

CT audio and video services


Having a fantastic script and stunning visuals mean very little if the audio is less than optimum. Whether it is music-on-hold, a 30 second radio spot or a full narration for your corporate video, we will make sure it is right on the money. We are licensed with several music libraries and know that the right mix of music and narration is what makes a production great

CT audio and video services

A/V Support Special Events

Your best laid plans for a successful conference can all unravel if the presentation is less than optimum. We have a full compliment of audio visual equipment. From wireless microphones to full PA systems to podiums, projectors and screens we can supply your team with what you need to make sure your talk goes off without a hitch.
CT audio and video services


As the one of the oldest single owned and operated film and video companies in New England, with over 50 years in the industry, Guymark has produced projects for some of the largest companies around. With productions that have taken us around the world we are still always striving to work closely with our clients to get them precisely what they need to keep them one step ahead of their competition. From conception to the finished product we are confident we will produce a video that will meet your needs.

Document Scanning

At Guymark, we strive to develop solutions to help our clients with their document storage needs. We will scan your single or double sided documents and convert them to PDFs (portable document files) then burn the data to CD-R for permanent archiving and retrieval. Up to 15,000 pages can be stored on a single CD. When you need to access the data simply pop the CD into your CD drive and call up the file you wish to review or print. It’s that simple, that quick, and very affordable.

CT audio and video services
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